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AI Tools

A.I News Glitch


Unveiling A.I. News Glitch: Your Gateway to Profiting from the Google Glitch with Advanced AI Technology

Digital Maart proudly introduces A.I. News Glitch, an innovative application designed to leverage the Google Glitch and transform it into a lucrative opportunity. This cutting-edge tool redefines how businesses approach news-based content creation, offering a range of features aimed at maximizing profitability effortlessly.

A.I.2 Cash


Introducing A.I.2 Cash: Empowering Businesses with Cutting-Edge AI Solutions

At Digital Maart, we are thrilled to present our groundbreaking product, A.I.2 Cash – a comprehensive suite of AI tools designed to revolutionize how businesses operate, grow, and succeed in today's competitive landscape. A.I.2 Cash is not just an app; it's a game-changer, offering unparalleled features and support to elevate your brand to new heights.

AI CartoonZ

Introducing AI CartoonZ, the groundbreaking AI-powered platform that empowers users to effortlessly create and market professional-grade AI cartoon and doodle videos in just a few clicks. This innovative tool revolutionizes video creation, enabling users to transform ideas into captivating animated content effortlessly.

AI FlipBooks

AI FlipBooks: Elevate Your Content Creation with ChatGPT4 Powered 3D/Animated FlipBooks & Article Creator Embark on a journey of creativity and innovation with AI FlipBooks, a groundbreaking platform that transforms content creation into an immersive experience. Powered by ChatGPT4, this professional cloud-based tool offers an array of features designed to revolutionize the creation of 3D/animated flipbooks, articles, and eBooks effortlessly. ChatGPT4 Powered 3D/Animated FlipBook & Article Creator: Experience the power of ChatGPT4 in crafting captivating 3D/animated flipbooks and articles. Elevate your content with the innovative capabilities of AI-driven creation. Built-in Content & Article Generator Feature: Leverage the built-in ChatGPT4-powered content and article generator to produce engaging and high-quality content efficiently. Enhance your flipbooks and articles with AI-generated text seamlessly integrated into your creations.

AI Force

AI Force: Your Ultimate Content Creation and Website Ranking Solution! AI Force presents an unparalleled content creation and website ranking tool, empowering users to effortlessly generate 100% unique content in any niche with just one click. With unrestricted access to an array of AI writers powered by ChatGPT technology, this platform ensures content uniqueness without resorting to spun content, article rewriters, or PLR materials.

AI Funnels

AI Funnels: Streamline Your Online Presence with Intelligent Page and Funnel Creation AI Funnels, your all-in-one solution, is designed to revolutionize the way you build pages, websites, and funnels, thanks to its powerful AI technology and user-friendly features. From ultrabot-powered AI assistance to cutting-edge GPT-4-powered copywriting, this platform empowers users to create stunning, high-converting pages and funnels effortlessly. Ultrabot - Your Powerful AI Assistant: Meet Ultrabot, the dynamic AI assistant integrated into AI Funnels. Leveraging advanced AI capabilities, Ultrabot assists users throughout the funnel creation process, providing insights and guidance for optimal performance. GPT-4 Powered Copywriting Assistant: Experience the efficiency of a built-in GPT-4 powered copywriting assistant. Create compelling copy and engaging content effortlessly, driving conversions with the assistance of AI-generated text.


AI GENIE!: Your All-in-One Content Creation Solution Powered by Next-Gen AI AI GENIE! is the ultimate content creation platform designed to revolutionize the way you generate various content types effortlessly. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, this innovative tool allows users to create diverse content with a simple keyword or command, making it accessible to beginners and experts alike with its user-friendly interface. Create All Types of Content with Ease: Unlock the power to create various types of content effortlessly using AI GENIE! Enter a simple keyword or command, and watch as the platform generates stunning content across different formats. 100% Beginner Friendly - Point & Click Interface: Experience the simplicity of content creation with AI GENIE!'s beginner-friendly point-and-click interface. No complex processes—just point, click, and create high-quality content.

AI Lead Hunter

Introducing AI Lead Hunter, a revolutionary tool powered by cutting-edge Alibaba AI technology. It's the ultimate solution for businesses and marketers seeking to harness the power of targeted buyer leads effortlessly. Say goodbye to painstakingly collecting leads manually and hello to a seamless, lightning-fast extraction of millions of targeted buyer leads—specifically their email IDs—in mere seconds.

AI Songs

Absolutely, here's a detailed description for your product, "AI Songs Songs," available on Introducing AI Songs Songs: Revolutionize Your Music Creation and Passive Income Potential with Premium AI-Generated Song Services! Unlock the power of music creation with AI Songs Songs, the ultimate solution offering premium song creation services across top platforms while enabling you to build a sustainable stream of passive income effortlessly.

Ai Stickers Empire

Ai Stickers Empire: Your Ultimate Guide to Crafting and Selling Top-Selling Stickers Welcome to Ai Stickers Empire, your comprehensive guide to mastering the art of sticker creation and turning it into a thriving business. This cutting-edge resource provides an in-depth roadmap for leveraging Discord, Etsy, and various techniques to craft and sell top-selling stickers.

AI Video Song

AI Video Song: Redefine Music Creation with AI-Powered Video Songs Step into the future of music composition and production with AI Video Song, an innovative platform that revolutionizes the way music is created and shared. This groundbreaking tool empowers users to compose unlimited AI video songs effortlessly, crafting unique compositions, real-time lyrics, and stunning videos across various genres and languages. Unlimited AI Video Song Creation: Experience the freedom to create unlimited AI video songs seamlessly. AI Video Song offers a versatile platform where your creativity knows no bounds. Real-Time Musical Lyric Composition: Compose musical lyrics in real-time with the assistance of AI technology. Effortlessly craft melodies and lyrics that resonate with your artistic vision. Automatic Distribution on Music Platforms: Automatically upload your mesmerizing AI video songs on popular music platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube Music. Expand your reach and share your creations with a global audience.



Introducing AiPlex: Revolutionizing Marketing Funnels with AI-Powered Lead Generation and Conversion Optimization

Digital Maart proudly presents AiPlex, an innovative solution designed to empower businesses in every niche with AI-driven tools that transform lead generation, funnel building, and conversion optimization. With AiPlex, experience the ease and efficiency of creating AI-powered eBooks, funnels, emails, and more to enhance customer engagement and drive conversions.

Auto Voice Profits

Auto Voice Profits: The Effortless and Fail-Proof Way to Generate Income Using Automated Voice Technology Auto Voice Profits is an innovative and fail-proof system that requires zero expenses, making it the perfect solution for beginners seeking a hassle-free way to generate income. This groundbreaking system is designed to operate without the need for a computer, offering a user-friendly approach to profit generation from anywhere in the world. No Expenses, Fail-Proof System: Experience a revolutionary system that requires no initial expenses. Auto Voice Profits provides a fail-proof method to generate income without the burden of investment.

Backlinkks Builder

Backlinkks Builder: Your Ultimate Solution for Effective Backlink Building and Analysis Unlock the power of advanced backlink creation, indexing, and comprehensive website analysis with Backlinkks Builder. This all-in-one toolset empowers website owners, SEO professionals, and digital marketers to enhance their online presence, analyze their backlink profiles, and boost their search engine rankings with ease.

Bloxi AI

Bloxi AI: Your Ultimate AI-Powered Content Generation Suite - Unlock Infinite Possibilities in Text, Chatbots, Transcription, and Voiceovers Experience the future of content generation with Bloxi AI, an innovative suite of AI-powered tools designed to elevate the creation of diverse text content, chatbots, transcriptions, and AI voiceovers to unprecedented levels. Powered by cutting-edge AI technologies like OpenAI DALL-E-2 and Stable Diffusion, Bloxi AI redefines what's possible in content creation. Varied Text Content Generation: Empower yourself with Bloxi AI's capabilities to generate various text contents effortlessly. With support for OpenAI DALL-E-2 and Stable Diffusion, unleash a wave of creativity and generate captivating textual content tailored to your specific needs. Support for ChatGPT Models: Harness the power of ChatGPT models like GPT4 and GPT3 Turbo within Bloxi AI. Utilize these advanced language models to craft engaging and contextually relevant conversational content. 42 AI Chat Bot Assistants: Access a roster of 42 AI Chat Bot Assistants within Bloxi AI. These assistants are ready to streamline your interactions, assist in content creation, and enhance productivity across various tasks.

Bookly Pro

Introducing Bookly Pro, a groundbreaking solution that harnesses the power of cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the creation of professional-grade books and business documents. This next-gen tool is your gateway to dominating the lucrative $28 billion industry of professional books and business documents with unparalleled ease and innovation.

Botmatic AI

Introducing Botmatic AI, the all-in-one social poster and engagement tool that revolutionizes the way businesses and marketers interact with their audience across various platforms. With a comprehensive suite of features, Botmatic AI empowers you to streamline social media engagement, automate interactions, build e-commerce stores, and effortlessly manage subscribers—all in one powerful platform.



Introducing ClickZEE AI: The Ultimate All-in-One Solution for Traffic, Pages, and Monetization

Digital Maart proudly introduces ClickZEE AI, the cutting-edge application that revolutionizes the way businesses drive traffic, create high-converting pages, and optimize monetization effortlessly. With ClickZEE AI, experience the power of a comprehensive suite of AI-driven tools designed to elevate your online presence and profitability.

Content Genie

Introducing Content Genie, the revolutionary AI-powered content creation suite that operates like a Siri-style assistant, transforming the way content is created, repurposed, and published across various platforms. This all-in-one solution streamlines content generation, discovery, and distribution, empowering users to unleash their creativity effortlessly.


Introducing CONTENT GORILLA 2.0, the ultimate content creation solution that reshapes the landscape of content generation. Packed with advanced features, this innovative platform empowers users to effortlessly create engaging posts, articles, and content with cutting-edge AI technology at their fingertips.

Content X

Content X: Your All-in-One Solution for Effortless Content Creation and Transformation Revolutionize your content creation process with Content X, a versatile suite of tools designed to transform text into engaging videos, rewrite articles effortlessly, provide curated articles, and create professional ebooks. Whether you're a content creator, marketer, or business owner, Content X empowers you to produce high-quality content efficiently and effectively. ContentX Text to Video Tool: Convert your text-based content into captivating videos effortlessly. Content X's Text to Video Tool utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to transform written text into visually engaging video content. Enhance your audience's engagement and captivate them with dynamic multimedia presentations. ContentX Article Re-Writing Tool: Refine and enhance your written content effortlessly. The Article Re-Writing Tool allows you to generate unique and plagiarism-free articles by rephrasing existing content. Improve readability, uniqueness, and SEO value of your articles with ease.

Copy Mate

Copy Mate: Your Ultimate Solution for Crafting 100% Unique Marketing Copies with Ease Unlock the power of persuasive marketing copy